FINAL Summer 2016 Giveaway #21: The Boundless (8/15 – 8/21)

**UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, SHIN H. in 5th grade! Shin, I’ll deliver your winning book to you during the first few weeks of school.**


the boundless

YOU can win a HARDCOVER copy of Kenneth Oppel’s The Boundless!!!

“Will Everett has always wished for an adventure.

Little does he know his started the moment he boarded The Boundless. The longest, most glamorous locomotive in the world, it stretches more than eleven kilometres long and pulls an astounding 987 cars: passenger cars, shooting galleries, gardens, an onboard swimming pool, cinema and much more. But its maiden voyage won’t be a smooth ride for Will. After witnessing a murder during a station stop, he barely makes it back onto the train (with a running leap!), then must work his way from the caboose forward to his father in first class – with the murderer and his cronies on his tail. Luckily, a clever and nimble friend is perfecting her act in The Boundless’s circus car, and there the real thrill ride begins. Sasquatches, bog-dwelling hags and illusions abound in this outsized adventure aboard the Titanic of trains!

This book is 336 pages long and the suggested age range is 8-12 years old.

Here’s how to enter this giveaway:

1.  Visit the England Library blog between now and when the contest closes (Sunday evening, August 21st).

2.  Write a comment on THIS post.  Your comment should include your FIRST NAMELAST INITIAL, what GRADE you’re going to be in THIS year, and a message for Mrs. Kupersztoch!  Do not leave any other personal information in your comment!  Do not post your e-mail address. Only one entry per student will be accepted, and only England Elementary students are eligible to participate.  Every comment has to be approved in order to appear on the website, so if you don’t see your comment right away, don’t worry!

3.  After the contest closes, I will choose a comment at random and that student will receive the giveaway prize!  The winner will be announced as an update at the top of this post and the prize book will be waiting for the winning student in August!

12 thoughts on “FINAL Summer 2016 Giveaway #21: The Boundless (8/15 – 8/21)

  1. Shin H.
    5th grade

    Sounds really interesting! I actually went on Puffy, the oldest running train around, and I’ve been on trains in Japan so one of my favorite topics is trains. Hope I can get this!

  2. Shruthi S 4th Grade

    Hi, Mrs. Kuperstoch! I am having an awesome summer! ‘The Boundless’ seems like a great book. It is full of mystery and adventure. It actually seems like it is a real train by reading the back cover. The video is great too. It is a coincidence, because my brother loves to play with trains as well! I am bursting to read this book, and I hope I can read it soon!

  3. I would love to read the book because I love mystery. I also would like to see how the author describes the train and the mystery.
    – Merina J.
    5th Grade

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