January 2018 by the numbers…

Bluebonnet Voting Parties 2018

At the end of January, we held our sixth annual Bluebonnet Voting Parties!! This year, so many students were eligible to vote that we had six HUGE voting parties in the library!

A record-breaking 454 students cast their vote digitally, hung out with their friends, ate freshly popped popcorn (with/without m&m’s), enjoyed Bluebonnet-related games, and proudly wore their “I Voted” sticker the rest of the day. It was a BUSY day, and SO MUCH FUN!!!!

285 Bluebonnet Voters Cast Their Votes…

285 excited 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade students voted for their favorite 2016-17 Texas Bluebonnet Award Book in the England Library today! We can’t wait to find out the winner!


Bluebonnet Voting Parties 2016

At the end of January, we held our fourth annual Bluebonnet Voting Parties!! This year, so many students were eligible to vote that we had two HUGE voting parties in the cafeteria!

A record-breaking 232 students cast their vote on our iPads, hung out with their friends, made and ate a custom snack mix, enjoyed Bluebonnet-related games, and received an “I Voted” sticker and a bookmark. It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!








2016 Texas Bluebonnet Award Program Participation!

Read 5 then decide

MUCH kudos to our students for their achievements in our Texas Bluebonnet Award Reading Program this year! Whew, WHAT a year! We broke every participation record in our school’s history — wow!!!

The stats below may just look like a list of numbers, BUT they represent the dedication of our students and encouragement & support from their amazing teachers to accomplish so much reading SUCCESS!!!!!!!

Take a moment and let these numbers sink in……

2,355 Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List books read!

349 students participating in the reading program, reading at least 1 book!

232 students reading FIVE or more books, are eligible to vote in the state-wide election, and are attending our Bluebonnet Voting Party!

78 students qualifying for the Bluebonnet Breakfast!
     31 third graders reading 10 books
20 fourth graders reading 12 books
27 fifth graders reading 14 books

22 students reading ALL 20 books, qualifying for our CAMPUS Battle of the Bluebonnets, and an opportunity to represent England in our DISTRICT Battle of the Bluebonnets!
     4 third graders
5 fourth graders
13 fifth graders

WOW!!! Look for photos of all of these FUN Bluebonnet events in the coming weeks!!