Launching a NEW Library Website!

Check out our new England Library Website!

In an effort to streamline library websites across Round Rock ISD, all library websites are making a move to the Google Sites platform. I developed a brand new, awesome website which will continue to serve as a landing place for our community to gain access to our online library catalog, research resources, MackinVIA eBooks, library schedule, details about library programs, general information, and professional development links for teachers & colleagues. The new library site is linked to our main school page under Library, and it’ll be the first place everyone goes to when looking for information! The Google Sites platform is also much more mobile and tablet friendly.

I am SO EXCITED to continue THIS website ( as more of a News and Blog format! I’ll continue posting here regularly, adding photos, announcements, updates, and news about what’s happening in the library!

This summer, our NEWS website will serve as the place to go when entering our Weekly Giveaways!

I am also excited to maintain our News & Blog website for the rich history it contains! On this website, I’ve been chronicling our first seven years together at England, and I don’t intend to stop!

We have four more school days left! Use this time to check out our new website and take a look around!